Shell to Sea

Thank you to everyone who came! Come back & visit us anytime, visitors are always welcome. Please check here for more information about the Rossport Solidarity Camp and events. Email us to receive our monthly campaign updates or text 0851141170.  Our next event is 25-26 June  –  Direct Action workshop – Open to complete beginners.

The weather held out pretty much until the last minute, the music was brilliant, the food was amazing and the people were fantastic.

With up to 500 people dancing around on the bog, rainbows and tipis, we had an amazing time. Keep an eye out for the photos & for future events.

Massive thanks to all the bands, (really great to have you), chefs, (did you ever stop?), volunteers, sound engineers, helpers, servers, litter pickers, toilet attendants and everyone else who ran around behind the scenes making it all happen.

We could not have done it without you!

Thanks again!

Fancy helping us take down and clean up?

Party against the Pipe is on facebook